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Top ten sexy anime girls


Unsurprisingly so, a question that often visits the minds of anime fans everywhere is one that bring heaps of heated debate to any discussion. From the countless numbers of anime characters, there are some who possess beauty that happens to spill over into the 3D realm.

Yes, today we are here to discuss the hottest anime girls — yet again.


This is an age-old question that will never stop being relevant as more and more anime titles are Top ten sexy anime girls into existence. This is an updated list, you can find the older list below this one! Careful, there might be a few spoilers in here too! The Kingdom of Liones, in an era similar to the European Middle Ages, is a land protected by the feared yet revered Holy Knights of Britannia, powerful warriors capable of using magic.

However, the region of Britannia was exposed to extreme turmoil when a group of Holy Knights planned to revolt against the ruler of Liones. They were defeated by the other Holy Knights and subsequently relegated to a mere legend. Concerned about the state of the kingdom, the third princess of Liones, Elizabeth, set out on a dangerous journey to locate the Seven Deadly Sins in order to take back the kingdom from the tyrannical clutches of the Holy Knights.

However, that is most definitely enough as her beauty is absolutely jarring. Sporting a long violet cloak which initially covered her body from head to toe, the Top ten sexy anime girls was ripped apart, revealing a slim and tall figure, wearing a revealing fur-collared coat, short shorts and thigh high boots. With her shoulder-length jet-black hair, sultry eyes and beauty marks below her right eye, Merlin casts a spell on all who fix their gaze upon her.

In the land of Fiore, magic, mages and wizards are an ordinary and essential part of life.

Hello:) as I said, I...

However, one of the most notorious guilds is Fairy Tail, a guild which values the bonds between its members more than anything else. Attracted to this guild is year-old Lucy Heartfilia, a young mage who wishes to join Fairy Tail and become a fully-fledged mage.

After being tricked and abducted by a certain man, Natsu bursts onto the scene, brandishing a symbol that without a doubt identifies him as a member of Fairy Tail — the Fairy Tail insignia. In the Fairy Tail guild hall exists a permanent and positive presence.

Serving everyone with a smile is the beautiful white-haired waitress and bartender, Mirajane Strauss. Cheerful, "Top ten sexy anime girls" and beaming with life, Mirajane is beautiful internally and externally. But when she mysteriously dies one night, Mahiro disappears, in pursuit of the one responsible. Kusaribe Hakaze; a witch with bewitching good looks, how appropriate. With long flowing scarlet locks of hair, a slim frame and honest eyes that match the colour of her hair, Hakaze is one of the most beautiful characters in this series, rivalled only by the deceased Aika.

Overall, Hakaze is just hot, period. Hachimitsu Private Academy, an elite all-girls boarding school located on the outskirts of Tokyo is famous for its great education and disciplined students. A policy change sees the prestigious school accepting male students for the first time and in the first semester after this amendment, only five boys are accepted. With the female to male ratio at a staggering However the apparent alienation gives them a dangerous idea: In order to survive, the 5 boys need to band together in friendship in order to taste freedom once more.

With all the fan service that goes into an ecchi title like Prison School, Shiraki is a symbol, the very incarnation of fan service itself. And, the cherry on the beautiful, curvy cake is the simple fact that she wears glasses — a bespectacled goddess of discipline in every sense of the word. The legendary headless Black Rider. So before we get into her history, you might be wondering how someone with no head can be considered one of the hottest Top ten sexy anime girls in anime.

She pesters him to grant her a wish she has forgotten, but Jinta is convinced he is merely experiencing delusions. Personality aside, Anaru is one of the hottest characters in the Top ten sexy anime girls show and yet ironically, none of the characters seem to notice.

Based on over votes, Erza...

At average height with Top ten sexy anime girls slim build and superior fashion sense, Anaru makes good great. Perhaps her friendship with the popular kids at school has made her blossom into a serious beauty, maybe we find her rough personality endearing.

What remains is that Anaru caught our eye from day one. Soon after, a plethora of other fictional heroes and villains make an appearance in the real world; however, the most mysterious is the one who seems to be orchestrating this strange course of events: Selesia Upitiria, the headstrong female protagonist of Re: Creators is an impulsive character with a sense of duty and… beautiful, long, flowing red hair and bright blue eyes that glisten with life.

Her appearance makes it Top ten sexy anime girls to see her as the female MC because of the way in which she stands out. With a slim figure, tightly hugged by a turtleneck inner coat which bares her cleavage, a short skirt which matches her top coat.

With thigh-length socks that leave just the right amount of zettai ryouiki, Selesia is one of the hottest anime girls because her outfit just accentuates some of her most attractive features. During spring break, second year high school student Araragi Koyomi befriends Hanekawa Tsubasa, the top honour student at their school, Naoetsu High.

Tsubasa tells him about a rumour about a blonde vampire that has been spotted around town. Later that night, Araragi encounters said vampire: She begs him to give her his blood in order to save her life and as soon as he does so, the reawakens as her vampire kin.

Knowing very well the diminutive form she takes on after the incident that left her lying in a pool of her own blood in the first place, a full-powered Oshino Shinobu is one of the most attractive female anime characters. Her golden eyes, beautiful face, coupled together with Top ten sexy anime girls regal aura and incredible, well-endowed figure make her an instant thought for this list. A hardened criminal named Michiko Malandro breaks out of a high security prison for the fourth time, in pursuit of a man from her past.

In order to locate him, Michiko tracks down his daughter, ten-year-old Hana Morenos, who is living with an abusive foster family. Together, Michiko and Hana brave the intense heat of the Top ten sexy anime girls American sun while navigating the labyrinth of betrayal, poverty and violence that is Diamandra in order to find one man.

Her brazen and rambunctious personality seems to augment her tall, slim figure. D tattoo that inhabits her midriff. Her long brown hair just seems to top it all off and seeing it flowing in the wind, with her skin glowing and a cigarette neatly tucked in between her luscious lips, is one of most aesthetically pleasing visuals in the show.

Bell Cranel is a young man living in the exciting city of Orario who has hopes of one day becoming the greatest adventurer in the land. A fateful encounter with the lone goddess, Hestia, sees Bell receiving her support. With beauty like hers, it is no surprise that she is a goddess. Her twin tails give her a cutesy appearance, but that somewhat contrasts her tight one piece dress that hugs every contour of her body. Her outgoing personality just seems to augment her attractiveness and it is no surprise that she would headline a list like this one.

An age-old debate hopefully put to bed, at least for now, the hottest girls in all of anime will always be a talking point. Even though we create lists like this, this is perhaps the most subjective topic in all of anime. Educate us in the comment section below! Hoshi-kun and Naledi are the same side of the same coin.

Top 5 Anime by Hoshi-kun. Aside from the interesting stories or the anime being based on a popular franchise, the main draw of every anime or manga is the beautiful cast of characters. There are lots to pick from and in order to narrow it down to just 10, I selected these girls based on popularity and if you read my previous articles, I added a couple of my own personal picks and I hope one of these girls may encourage you to check out their shows.

Just a little disclaimer though: A girl with almost no background history, Yoko first appeared at Jeeha Village and helped Kamina and Simon beat a stray gunmen.

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She is skilled with her rifle and can pilot a gunmen. Yoko has very long red hair, amber eyes, large breasts despite her young age, usually wears scarf, a two-piece consisting of a flame-patterned bikini top and leather shorts with a large white studded belt. Rangiku is one of the few people that can get your attention in a society filled with people wearing funeral garbs daily.

Rangiku is an easygoing girl who loves to drink and oftentimes slacks off to avoid tedious paperwork. Despite her gift of having large breasts and not being the most modest person around, Top ten sexy anime girls complains about them to everyone, Top ten sexy anime girls with embarrassing results. Young, beautiful, and mature, Wakasa Yuuri is one of the survivors and president of the School Living Club. She manages everything from rationing food, water, power, staging some club activities and give out lessons.

Yuuri has long brown hair reaching her waist, amber-brown-ish eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye. Shibuki Ran is one of the three main characters in Aikatsu! She is a sexy-type idol and supermodel and she wears evocative dresses prepared by her designer at Spicy Ageha with butterflies as a main motif.

She has long legs, long auburn hair that extends to her knees, and amethyst-coloured eyes.

Since there are tons of...

She has a no-nonsense attitude, is independent and a professional model. In the first few episodes she was very distant, almost lone wolf-like, and treated everyone as a potential rival at Starlight Academy. Brooding, serious, and determined, Fate is a scythe-wielding mage that was tasked with searching for Jewel Seeds and is the archrival of Takamachi Nanoha. Like every character in the series that took design cues from the Gundam franchise, Fate is the Char Aznable, the blonde archrival of Nanoha and her black barrier jacket and choice of weapon closely resembles Gundam Deathscythe of Gundam Wing.

Beautiful, smart, athletic, and rich, Sena is one of the most popular girls at school. The guys ogle her, and she is envied by her female peers. Due to her immense popularity among the guys and good Top ten sexy anime girls, she has no female friends. Sena is well-endowed, with long blonde hair, a blue butterfly hair accessory, and light-blue eyes.

Due to her sweet and charming personality, talents and natural Top ten sexy anime girls, she is admired by everyone of both genders. Shinka is a very attractive girl of an average build, with long light brown hair, a big pink hairclip on her bangs and orange eyes.

Sakura is this obsessive girl who has the hots for female Senou Natsuru, and will go to Top ten sexy anime girls lengths just to get from first base to home plate, while completely having zero interest in male Senou Natsuru. Little does Natsuru and the rest of the Kampfer know that Sakura is more than what meets the eye. Sakura has long light brown hair with light blue eyes, an average build and cup size.

Despite her happy and friendly demeanor, she is a proficient fighter and dual wields a sword and gun ash her arsenal of choice. She teams up with a small band of survivors led by Komuro Takeshi as they struggle to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Saeko is a strong melee combatant, proficient with a blade due to her kendo experience, and is one of the most skilled and reliable fighters in the group. Even though she has the qualities of a no nonsense individual trained to use blades, she is in fact a kind, caring, and reliable person. Cthuko is a female Cthughan from the alien world Cthugua imagine the name confusion who takes the form of a soft-spoken teenage girl.

They may be animated, but these cartoon women leave very little to the imagination. Join as we count down our. I just wanted to share my opinion on my best girls. # Naomi Tanizaki (Bungou Stray Dogs) I had to have at least one of my BSD girls in here. Can I just say I. Hello:) as I said, I love female characters in animes and no, not just because of the boobies ;) I know that the list is named "the top hot anime girls" but this is just .

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