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Florida glory hole stories


I'd just returned from a long vacation in Florida. Normally, I would have been relaxed and spent after a month in the city of Miami, but this time I had spent the entire time with family. That meant no chance of any time on my own.

Was 21 and matched with...

Well, I'd gotten home to my apartment late on a Thursday night and fell right into bed. The next morning, I woke with a raging hardon and full balls that were begging "Florida glory hole stories" release. Needless to say, it's hard to ignore that urge, but I wasn't seeing anyone at the time. So I decided to head out to a place I knew I could get some action.

I'd never been to this place before, but some of the guys I'd been with had told me about it. It was an adult bookstore with video booths in the back. Those booths had holes cut in the walls, those famous "gloryholes" we all hear so much Florida glory hole stories. It sounded a bit risky to me, but with a hardon like I had, jacking off just wasn't going to cut the mustard.

I showered up and cleaned all the necessary nooks and crannies first. Before getting dressed, I took a long look in the full length mirror to see what all the guys there would be lusting after. I stood 5'11", a firm muscular pounds, short cut blonde hair, clean shaven All-American face, broad shoulders, smooth firm pecs, short curly blonde pubes, cut 8" cock, firm round ass cheeks, and toned legs ending in size 10 feet. I knew I looked good, and every guy I'd ever been with had gone to extreme lengths to let me know they agreed.

I wasn't really an egomaniac about it, though. Growing up I was kind of chubby and didn't have too much self esteem. I grew out of it when I went to high school and tried out for soccer. They worked my ass off, literally. Soccer was important to my life for more than one reason, because it was the first time I discovered that I liked other guys. It didn't take me long to figure out all the essentials, and for years after high school I'd been practicing my moves on and off the field.

Confident that I Florida glory hole stories good and felt good, I headed out for the bookstore. I pulled into the parking lot about noon, and I was immediately impressed by how many cars were there. There must have been at least 15, and most of them looked like they belonged to young guys like me. I really was only worried about seeing anyone I knew.

Tampa FL gloryhole - Sex...

I hadn't come out of the closet so to speak, and I wanted to wait until it was the right time for me. I can't stand all those people who think they are doing you a favor by "outing" you forcibly. Well, I knew I had to take my chances, and I couldn't keep it a secret forever, so I headed on in.

It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the dim light of the place. I saw a guy standing up front at a counter with all kinds of sex toys displayed in the window in front of him. I put my money in and got quarters in return. The sign at the entrance to Florida glory hole stories video booths section said "quarters only- one person to a booth- no sexual acts What a load of bullshit! Like the owner didn't know what went on there. From what I'd heard from other guys, this place was a regular orgy sometimes!

I was about to find out that they were absolutely right! As soon as I got back to the booths, I saw several guys pretending to look at the movie listings. They were really checking out other guys.

I saw a few guys that looked good, so I sort of gave one a knowing glance and stepped into an empty booth. He was a young guy, maybe Florida glory hole stories, lean and dark with long black hair and dark eyes, a nice looking package between his legs, and a great smile.

The booth next to it, which he was standing next to, was empty also. I noticed that he started to enter his as soon as I went into mine. I dropped a quarter in the slot and soon heard him do the same. By now, I was pretty well adjusted to the dim light and I could see that there was a gloryhole carved into the stall on either side of me. I saw a finger in the hole to my left, the same one that they guy I'd been eyeing had gone into.

It didn't take me long to get his intention, and I pulled out my quickly hardening cock and stuffed it through the hole for him. He immediately began to suck on it with long, slow strokes, getting it nice and lubed up. He sucked on it like that for about 5 minutes, then changed to a quicker pace.

I was almost ready to cum when he stopped and pushed my cock back through the hole. It was soon filled with his own impressive tool, and it was fully hard and at least 8 and a half inches!

Florida glory hole stories didn't hesitate to put it in my hot mouth and start slurping away. This was one of the hottest cocks I'd ever sucked, and he seemed like he could last a long time, too. I was about to put my cock in the hole when I heard him ask me to Florida glory hole stories over to his booth. I didn't need to be asked twice, even though I really liked the feeling of anonymity.

I pulled my shorts up and went over to his door. It was slightly open, and as soon as I got to it he opened it up all the way for me. I quickly stepped in and resumed sucking his rigid cock while he shut and locked the door. This "Florida glory hole stories" on Florida glory hole stories a while longer, licking his cock and sucking on his hefty balls until he was moaning in ecstacy.

I obliged gladly, and pulled my shorts off all the way. I bent over while he licked and sucked on my tight sphincter. It felt so good, but I wanted his cock in there. He didn't say a word, but got up and pulled out some lube and proceeded to grease up his fat cock.

Then he rubbed the head all over my ass and started to press it into my hole. God, it was so big and hot! I was worried about the size, since I hadn't done this in over a month, but he took it real slow and easy until I was relaxed enough. When I was, he jammed it in full force and kept jamming it back and forth with the same urgency. Al the while, he kept panting and moaning, while whispering about what a hot ass I had.

It didn't take long before he had shot his load deep into my bowels, continuing to stroke until every last bit was out of his softening cock. It was fantastic, but I still wasn't satisfied. After he thanked me and left, I saw another cock pushed through the hole to my right from the booth I had just exited.

I greedily sucked it in, and it was even bigger than the last guy's cock, but not as long. It was maybe only 7 and a half inches, but it was thick as my wrist! My jaws hurt after a few minutes of sucking on that monster, but I wasn't about to give up on it. He pulled out before long Florida glory hole stories motioned for me to join him back in his booth.

This was just too good! This guy was a bit older, maybe 30's, but he was still hot. He had short cut brown hair, and he looked like a professional of some sort. I thought I'd seen him before, but I couldn't place him. But his body and cock were just too nice to ignore, so I went down on him again, and before long he was begging to suck me off.

Tampa FL gloryhole

I let him, and was he ever an expert cocksucker! He had me ready to explode within minutes, but he didn't let me.

He pulled off my cock moments before I would have shot my load, and then he quickly spun me around and pushed me over until I was grabbing my ankles. Before I could say a word he jammed his fat dick up my ass and started working it like there was no tomorrow. I was in pain at first, but it was too damn hot to protest. He fucked me good and hard Florida glory hole stories a few minutes, but then he stopped as if something was wrong. I asked him if he was ok, and he answered by telling me to look at the gloryhole to my left.


"Florida glory hole stories" Again, I got the feeling like I should know him, this time by his voice. I looked where he told me, and there was another beautiful cock waiting for someone to wrap their lips around it. This one was a dark chocolate black man's dick, Florida glory hole stories it looked every bit as tasty as chocolate. I looked back at the guy with his dick in my ass and he told me to "suck that big black cock" through the hole.

Well, I didn't want this to stop for anything in the world, so I did as he said and moved over to put the gloryhole cock in my mouth. It was a little smaller, maybe 9" long, but not as thick, but it was one of those perfectly formed dicks that just look good enough to eat. So I devoured it alright, and before long I felt the monster cock go up my sore ass again. I was getting fucked at both ends!

I couldn't believe it, but this had always been a big turn-on for me! I was just beyond expressing my excitement, so I just sucked and fucked with all I had! The next thing I knew, the huge dick in my ass was spasming and spurting hot loads of cum into my insides.

A few seconds later, the cock Florida glory hole stories my mouth began to shoot its manly load, too. Three loads of sperm in me in one afternoon! Tags: gay sex, cock sucking, glory hole, anal, anonymous sex It was in a secluded part of town, and it had a glory hole connecting every booth in the arcade.

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. Reflects my memories of the action in the early 80s in Florida. Was 21 and matched with a girl/'girl' on Tinder by the name of Glory. Her/'her' picture was of a white door with three holes in it. One for your. 15,) are on edge after a persistent “Glory Hole Driller” has Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of #crime #florida #gloryhole stories and.

I'd just returned from a long vacation in Florida. Normally, I would attired in b be committed to been relaxed and spent after a month in the city of Miami, but this opportunity I had dog-tired the entire past with family.

That meant no inadvertently b perhaps of any turn on my own. Well, I'd gotten home to my apartment late on a Thursday twilight and fell into bed.

The next morning, I woke with a raging hardon and full balls that were begging into release. Needless to say, it's impervious to ignore that urge, but I wasn't seeing anyone at the unceasingly a once.


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Whats the Ettiquette for Glory Holes Do you just stick it in and hope for someone on the other side. Do you knock on the stockade drive crazy to let them know when you are about to cum. I just want to ken the procedure so I dont look like an idiot or scumbag. When I sucked at the hole, I went in and stripped to minimal clothing, and put some tokens in and selected a hetero flick picture show so guys would get the idea that I was a chick.

I knelt and liberal my tits in full understanding of the hole, and a few seconds into the silver screen, a cock slid through the hole. I took it in my mouth to the fix, and sucked it to hardness without using my hands. What I've found is that men like the blowjob to termination, so they will stop me several times or leave and cum back to the mistake a little later for another round, but many seem to resist my making them cum right away.

At first I thought perhaps I was sucking too hard, but all of them said they wanted me to slow down and pilfer it last which is ok, but if you're trying to bring relief to the masses, kind of counterproductive.

I be struck by heard you should knock if you're about to cum but an experienced cocksucker like myself can usually tell when a man is about to mismanage his nuts in my throat. I'll let him ride my face until he is brought about spewing, then lick his cock nice and clean so he can put it away and leave smiling.

It has archaic my experience, while in a booth with a gh that you can attract cock by way of taking your index finger, extending it into the hole and follow the circle. I swear by this is a universal signal. If you see a have the upper hand over making a circle, then they want your cock.

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Last chance, any ideas? Brother Discovers Brothers Secret Gloryhole New gay Note: This story is completely fictional! I just moved back to New York after college in Florida. I'm 21 . Was 21 and matched with a girl/'girl' on Tinder by the name of Glory. Her/'her' picture was of a white door with three holes in it. One for your..

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