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Clip of pam and tommy sex tape


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Pamela sextape - porn...

I thought it was kind of sweet. Smushed Paw 14 November Okay, I'll admit it. Rabid curiosity got the better of me and I actually bought the video. As others have pointed out, the actual sex scenes are brief and few. And yes, Tommy's hung like a horse, bless his heart. But, what really interested me about this video is that if you really, REALLY pay attention, there are elements of the relationship between Tommy and Pam which are so subtle they are likely to be missed if you're too busy waiting for the next sex scene.

But, the oh-so-subtle difference in the way they treat each other was fascinating to me. While every other sentence out of Pam's mouth was "I love you! Let's make chiliburgers tonight. When Tommy told Pam he loved her, much less often I might add, he said it with absolute conviction. His surprising her on her birthday with a private boat party and tons of gifts was beyond sweet. He was more excited about her opening her gifts than she was.

And he's a much better listener than she is. I never really thought much about either of them beyond what I'd read or heard in entertainment news, but my opinion after seeing this video is that Pam is a vain, selfish, self-absorbed airhead and Tommy, while no neuro-surgeon himself, is really a pretty sweet, sensitive guy who, when he loves, seems to love deeply and completely.

Watch again and fast forward through the sex scenes. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. The poverty of language is fascinating nunculus 12 Clip of pam and tommy sex tape These may be the two stupidest people ever committed to celluloid. If you ever wondered what a doobie-baked stripper says to her heroin-riddled tattooed deadbeat boyfriend before he passes out on her floor, this will provide some much-needed answers. Your garden-variety professional porn flick consists of a variety of sex acts performed by attractive--to varying degrees--people.

Your garden- variety "amateur" porn flick consists of a variety of sex acts performed by not particularly attractive--to varying degrees--people. This "film" is neither a professional porn flick nor is it really an "amateur" one.

Pamela Anderson is, it is generally agreed, extremely attractive and extremely sexy. Her husband, musician Tommy Lee, is neither, but since he's the one using the camera, most of the focus of the film is on him, and it's' not a pretty sight. I can't think of too many people who are eager to gaze at his skinny, spindly, tattooed body--although he seems to be enamored of it, considering how much time he spends showing it--but the most revealing part of this tape isn't the sexual content of it.

As many other posters have noted, the sex scenes are so poorly shot as to be barely visible at times, but Pam and Tommy Lee prove once and for all that pretty much every derogatory remark ever made about them Clip of pam and tommy sex tape true--she's an inflated, room-temperature-IQ airhead although she seems to have a bit more on Clip of pam and tommy sex tape ball than he does, which should give you an idea of just how much of a wackjob he is and he's a conceited, arrogant, obnoxious, bullying jackass.

It's fairly evident from the start that Pam really didn't want to have sex on camera, but Tommy's constant badgering and whining finally made her give in. It's also evident--and pretty much confirmed near the end of this mess--that Tommy saw this more as a showcase for his sexual "prowess" than anything else, and it's also obvious that he really didn't give a rat's ass if Pam liked it or not.

She doesn't really seem to be into it in the least. She reminds you of nothing more then a typical bored porn queen, just lying back and reciting, "Oh yeah, baby, do me, you're great baby," blah, blah, blah.

It's only at the end that you realize who was manipulating who: Tommy's preening, his smug, self-satisfied smirking, his "Yeah, I'm the man!

Don't waste your time or your money on this loser. It's hard to review a tape that was never meant for public consumption. Neither Pamela Anderson nor Tommy Lee filmed this with the intent of releasing it to video -- although there are rumors to the opposite.

I rented this during a dull weekend just for curiosity's sake -- thanks to all the media hype. It succeeded in making my weekend even duller. The gist of the matter is the sex takes up at most five minutes of the tape -- unless you get the truncated R-rated version where it's more like 30 seconds. The rest of the video consists of various home movie material -- the only difference between this and other people's home movies is it features two well-known people.

Otherwise it's very dull stuff. Only a couple of moments stand out as interesting: If you're in love with Anderson, you'll probably enjoy the tape. If you're renting this to see two celebrities having sex, you might get what you paid for, but don't expect much.

Reportedly a much better "naughty home video" of Anderson exists, showing her having her jollies with Bret Michaels.

Unfortunately or fortunatelyAnderson won a court case in the spring of that prevented this video from being released. Too bad she didn't have the same luck with her Tommy Lee opus. Very bad filming martymaster 8 August This is just a piece of crap!!! The video angles are so bad,that there is times when you don't know what is happening.

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The only Clip of pam and tommy sex tape thing about this movie is that you get to see Pamela Anderson in other situations than baywatch. It's not very easy to get a hold of this movie because it is supposed to be private,but if you are really looking for it you will find it.

The sex scenes in this movie only last for 10min and if you have the cut version i guess it only last for about 10 Clip of pam and tommy sex tape. If the reason why you want this movie is nudity,I advice you to rent an adult movie instead,because this is so badly made and it also contains a lot of other boring scenes.

Stay away, I guarantee that you will be disappointed. I have watched this movie many times, and I think, despite the lack of characters and story line, this movie was decently done. I guess the biggest improvement this movie could make was to clean the dirty lens. Half the time the shots were blurry and the camera was shaking around.

A major downside of this movie was the lack of emotion. I felt as emotional as I would watching paint dry. For a two-person made movie, however, I feel they did a decent job.

If you can find it for a decent price, get it. Otherwise, it isn't worth your time. MovieAddict 15 January If your idea of a good time is watching some druggie rock star bonking a famous Playboy bunny then this "movie" will certainly fulfill you. It is, at least, leagues better than that awful Paris Hilton tape. However, in general, I just have a hard time of finding entertainment in watching two famous people going at it for an hour. Maybe it's just me. Let's give a rundown of what occurs in this film, though: Pamela Anderson has sex Clip of pam and tommy sex tape Tommy Lee in a moving car - Pamela Anderson has sex with Tommy Lee on a private boat - Pamela Anderson has sex with Tommy Lee in her private trailer I'm sure it must have been hard for her to be "cinematographer" while having to perform the sexual acts.

I also like how she's credited as "Makeup Artist. Maybe I don't really want to know. Rather boring and dull CuriosityKilledShawn 22 January There are 2 reasons why I watched this movie. The first being that it is a istic insight into the lives of people with more money than sense and the second being that it was recommended to me from my friends.

I was very disappointed because all it really is is Pam and Tommy hanging around on a boat. Nothing really to get worked up about. The scenes all 3 of them are very unspectacular too.

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There is a couple of straight and one oral. All are nothing special and there is definitely better stuff out there. The only reason this has gained notoriety is that Pam denied the existence.

They call this a 'sex...

There is much better official out there that is way more entertaining. Try real porn with Ashley Blue or Kitty. Give this a miss but if you're really bored and your friend has loaned you a copy Pamela and Tommy Lee's Sex Video, supposedly stolen from the newlyweds' house, is nothing but buoyant fun.

Pamela Anderson Lee, the internationally lusted-after Baywatch star, is positively unsinkable as she frolics in the buff off the Lees' Jacuzzi-equipped pleasure cruiser. Speaking of pleasure cruisers, Tommy's is cinema's real Titanic, although in this case it never founders. Tommy Lee first made his name -- for what it's worth -- in the brainless 80s teen-rock band Motley Cru.

You can certainly see where he got his self-confidence. Even Pamela's Clip of pam and tommy sex tape plasticized accessories don't ring a false note. Who's to say what's real; they show up on videotape, right? Besides, there's no faking dialogue like: Other than that bit of sentimentality, this is forty-five minutes worth of premium Americana -- show-biz success enjoyed the way God intended it: If IMDb doesn't want certain words included in reviews, even when those words are actual quotations from the film, then perhaps IMDb should not include films that contain such nasty words in its database.

Mike-DD 20 August Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Sex Tape (Short). Advertisement or update your browser to watch online ERROR: This video file cannot be played.

As many other posters have noted, the sex scenes are so poorly shot as to be barely visible at times, but Pam and Tommy Lee prove once and for all that pretty. When Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's S.e.x.

Tape Went Up for Sale. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.

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  • Pamela Anderson und Tommy Lee
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  • They call this a 'sex tape'? Theres no sex whatsoever until the last 2 seconds...
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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee...

My genre of music that I love to produce is 'pop EDM' or 'future bass. And what i keep in mind at the end is that Pam was clearly this down-to-earth and kind girl, very faraway of the divas without forgetting that she was indeed a true sexy vixen to have fun with! There are 2 reasons why I watched this movie. Morgan replied , "Morning Tommy! There might be everyone from Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton falling victim to sex tape and nude photo leaks now, but first came Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's home video - and the stolen footage has never been forgotten.

Tommy Lee's Tumultuous Family...

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However, in general, I just have a hard time of finding entertainment in watching two famous people going at it for an hour. They held that together until about before parting ways as a couple for good.

Pamela Anderson.and.Tommy.Lee sextape

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Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Sex Tape (Short)


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  • Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee, free sex video.
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I think I like him, why does that worry me? Rocker Tommy Lee and Baywatch babe Pamela were arguably the first now, but first came Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's home video. Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Uncensored [VHS]: Pamela Anderson Lee, Tommy Lee: Movies & TV. Format: Prime VideoVerified Purchase..

The Full Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Sex Video


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