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Les outils collaboratifs du web 2. Facebook, Twitter, Portail www. Degradation is widespread and climate change is likely to make matters worse. Yet dryland trees, forests and agrosilvopastoral systems can play a major role in improving environmental sustainability, productivity and resilience.

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Drylands and their use are not well understood or researched and receive inadequate recognition and attention. Forests, tree cover, soil dynamics, agrosilvopastoral systems, rangelands and grasslands remain poorly known in terms of extent, condition, and change.

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Management and restoration suffer as a consequence. There is no good baseline against which financial and technical investments can be prioritized and progress measured. Existing monitoring systems are not only insufficient but also poorly coordinated and integrated.

New technology and methods offer hope, however. They make it realistic to engage beneficiaries as well as experts in monitoring, and to monitor trees outside forests, grasslands and rangelands. Further development is needed to integrate socio-economic data and make use of traditional knowledge including folklore and storytelling.

Operational systems for wide-scale monitoring of drylands are finally within reach. Effective monitoring increases visibility and is a pre-condition for greater investments in drylands. Assess the gap between the need and the current state of drylands monitoring Explore the opportunities offered by new technology and policy commitment Initiate a collaborative process to promote Waplog chat hookup meet friend application form, comprehensive monitoring of drylands.

Consulter le rapport ICI. Practical Information Agenda FR: Practical Information Agenda -FR: Bricks communication strategy Bricks communication strategy - FR Download.

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